The Most Innovative Retail Companies

These days, I feel as though a company, especially a retail company, has to be up-to-speed with the rest of the industry in order to be a key-player. The companies that are doing the best are the ones that are not afraid to take a risk or change their business model to adapt to the times. Consumers drive the industry and sometimes adjusting to make their lives easier, makes the business that much more successful. I think that a lot of brands are scared to make the change because of a fear of it altering their image or brand. Burberry is a great explain of a brand who adapted (and is now a leader) to the digital times. The brand is synonymous with British heritage, yet they have eloquently incorporated digital into their company, making it a priority. The results have been astounding, with their quarterly profits rising.

Check out the list of the 10 most innovative companies in the retail industry:

Marc Jacobs Branding Changes on the Horizon

I have always disliked blatant branding (think LV, CC, or Marc, plastered all over a product) so I am really pleased to hear that Marc Jacobs has some big plans for his diffusion line. He says that he has always hated the name Marc by Marc Jacobs (I agree!) and to be expecting change. I am really hope he takes this as an opportunity to completely rebrand himself. His products have been eaten up teens and I would like to see much much more for the prior Louis Vuitton creative director. 

Where Is Home? Every TCK’s Most Loathed Question.

As a former TCK now living and attending university in my “home” country (America), I have run into a lot of troubles. I don’t know if troubles is the right word, but they are certainly things that I have found difficult and uncomfortable, things that are heavy on my heart. 

One of those is the idea of home. 

If you ask someone born and raised in America, like my friends at uni, where I am from, they would mostly say Texas. Yes I was born here in Texas, but does that mean that I am from Texas? Does that mean Texas is my home? Imagine someone that was born in let’s say Denmark, but only lived there for a year and their parents are American. I would not consider them Danish, they are American. But, technically they are Danish, their passport says so. But I only have an American passport, I was born in America, and lived in America until I was 11. Despite the facts, I don’t feel American. But then I wouldn’t say i’m Scottish because I don’t feel Scottish, but I don’t feel Singaporean either, nor do i feel English. Despite living in all of those places, I don’t feel like I am from any of them.

I have a very difficult time relating to my friends that have grown up here, never moved or even been out of the country. The people I connect best with are people just like me, TCKs. They are the only ones that understand. Just spending a year in a foreign country is life changing and I spent 6 of the most developmental and influential years of my life in several countries, each one shaping me into the more cultured person I am today.

It may not seem like such a big deal that I am misunderstood or that I feel homesick for a place that I can’t really pinpoint or maybe it is just that TCK life in general that I miss. But the truth is, it is difficult. Every time I start to tell a story about living overseas or something that happened when I was visiting another country, I am hesitant because I am constantly wondering if the person I am speaking to is thinking that I am bragging. The truth is, I am not “country-dropping”, the location is just a vital part of the story. I am not trying to put myself above you by telling you that I live in a castle in the beautiful countryside of Scotland. It’s just part of my life. It isn’t a big deal to me because I’ve lived it for seven and a half years now.

I’m well into my sophomore year of university and I still struggle with this. I’m sorry I have little sympathy for you when you complain about the fact that you haven’t been home in a couple weeks when I haven’t been home in months and I still have a couple months to go. It isn’t easy being away from my home, my parents, or my dog for six months at a time. I have friends that I am likely never to see again because they are strewn out across the globe. I have a best friend in Denmark, one in Germany, and many more in England. 

I wouldn’t say it ever gets easier, but I suppose it begins to feel normal (well as normal as this lifestyle can be). Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful for my life. I am so blessed to have had my experiences I have had and I would not trade them for anything. I gained a passion for travel, culture, food, fashion, and I have seen God’s amazing work and His presence all of the World. It seems that the judgement and misunderstanding isn’t going anywhere, so I am going to have to let the fear go. I love speaking about my life experiences abroad and I’m sorry if my stories aren’t what you want to hear, but it is my life and I am proud of it. I am passionate about it and I will not pretend that it didn’t happen or that I am just like you because I’m not. And I don’t want to be because I absolutely love my life, and it is so evident that God gave me those experiences for a reason. I will not apologise for my experience.

I am a TCK and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Christmas Shopping Ideas for Everyone on Your List

I have spent the past two days desperately searching the web (i’m iced in so I can’t just go to the shops) for Christmas gifts for everyone on my list. If you are like me, you love shopping, you love giving, but you find the actual task of finding the perfect something for everyone on your list arduous and quite difficult. Maybe I can help you with this list of some of the coolest things I found on my quest. 

For the stylish man in your life: 

Meet Hank


Burberry Herringbone Scarf


For the frat boy:

Bow Tie Belt


For the outdoorsy guy:

Eno Hammock 


For dad:

Leather and Stainless Steel Flask (accompanied by their favourite whiskey of course)


For the coffee lover:

Starbucks Gift Set


For the traveler: 

Lonely Planet Book of Everything


For the scarf lover:

Burberry Model Silk Polka Dot Square Scarf 


For the chic girl who has everything:

Jcrew Jewelled Llama Jumper (because what goes better than llamas & jewels?!) 


Burberry Python Crossbody bag in red


The best lipstick, Burberry Lip Velvet


For the bestie:

Duo Glitz Cone Cuff


Giraffe Trinket Jewellery Dish


Burberry Heart Lock Keychain


Ugg ‘Dakota’ Slippers 


For the entertainer:

Anthropologie Teacup & Saucer


Rabbit Plate (also Anthropologie, I am obviously obsessed!)


For Mum:

Botticino Marble Coasters


Ralph Lauren Tartan Pjs


Heart Print Calfskin Gloves


For your long distance significant other:

Customisable Long Distance Love Mug


For the environmentally-conscious writer:

Paperthinks Recycled Leather Notebooks


For the girl with the edgier style:

Burberry Studded Calf Hair Teddy Bear



For the girl with the softer side:

Burberry Check Cashmere Teddy Bear


Still not sure? 

Gift cards are always great





Hope this helped! Merry Christmas! Xx

Epic Romance by madison-thain featuring peplum topsSweetheart neckline dress / Miu Miu peplum top, $345 / Mary Katrantzou  / Valentino platform sandals / Burberry leather bag / Valentino zipper bag / Opal earrings / Matthew Williamson hair accessory, $190 / Bulgari fragrance / Sia Rose Bouquet, $130 / Champagne Moët et Chandon Rosé Impérial, $125